Acacia is a fraternity that strengthens the ties of friendship with your brothers.  Acacia has many meanings, and among those is brotherhood, a focal point of the Acacia fraternity.  Acacia helps build men throughout their college years and teaches them to become better leaders and better people.  Acacia brothers learn to become great scholars, contributors to their community, and close friends for life.


Human Service

Community Service & Philanthropies

Acacia Claus, Highway Clean Up, Dogs for Dogs

Fun Facts


Black, Old Gold


Acacia is one of few fraternities named with a Greek word instead of Greek letters.

Famous Alumni

Notable National Alumni

James Webb (North Carolina, 1927) – Director of NASA during the Apollo era; “James Webb Sapce Telescope,” which is replacing the Hubble, is named after Webb

David P. Osborne (Penn State, 1935) – Naval Surgeon, performed JFK’s autopsy

William Howard Taft (Yale, 1913) – 27th President of the United States

Calvin Griffith (George Washington, 1935) – Former owner of the Minnesota Twins

Ed Ulbrich (Illinois, 1984) – Film visual effects producer, most notably for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Fight Club

Mark Edward Smith (Missouri) – Actor, vocalist; notable films include Avatar and X-Men: Origins of Wolverine

General Information


201 Lakelawn Place

Madison, WI 53703

Local Founding

May 22, 1906 (12th national chapter)

National Founding

May 12, 1904 (University of Michigan)


National: http://acacia.org

Local: https://win.wisc.edu/organization/WisconsinAcacia