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The policy that supersedes or is most restrictive is the policies all chapter follow. This also means if your individual chapters or national fraternity’s policies are more restrictive, you are expected to follow those guidelines. 


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A social event is deemed any event where alcohol is present and it must register through IFC.


FSL Community Contribution Fee or Greek Fee

The Greek Fee is a $30 FSL Community Contribution Fee will be applied to undergraduates participating in Fraternity & Sorority Life each semester. The Greek Fee was introduced at beginning of Fall 2020.

This funding supplements the funding provided by campus to employ the FSL Staff, cover operational expenses, and provide programming and education opportunities for fraternity and sorority members. This new model significantly increases the existing staffing levels and elevates Fraternity & Sorority Life to be a campus department, falling within the Leadership & Engagement theme area of Student Affairs.

The Greek Fee will be add to your student account at the beginning of the semester and is looped into your overall student tuition and fees.

There is a thoughtful waiver process, and students experiencing financial difficulty are encouraged to submit a waiver request. Waivers are due twice a year (July 1 and November 1) for the following semester. Once a waiver application is approved, that student will continue to receive the waiver throughout their membership. Students may apply for the waiver at any time.