Expansion Policy & Process

The following policy and processes were created in a manner that supports healthy community growth, which includes a carefully developed plan that is conducive to the educational mission of UW-Madison and IFC community. The goal is to provide maximum opportunity for successful expansions that are both  meaningful and rewarding for the students within the IFC community and those seeking membership. All social, men’s fraternities seeking to expand to the UW-Madison campus shall be required to follow the procedures set forth by this policy.

The Interfraterinty council in partnership with Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life aims for healthy and sustainable growth with no more than two organizations joining or rejoining the community in a year unless deemed otherwise.

Expansion Processes

Interfraterinty expansion for (Inter)national fraternities can occur in four ways:

    1. Formal Expansion Process: A formal expansion plan approved by IFC council and the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.
      1. Formal expansions are subject to fall semester expansions.
    2. Headquarters Inquiry Process: Through Interfraterinty council receiving a letter of tent including a petition packet by a (inter)national headquarters or executive office.
      1. Headquarters inquiry expansions are subject to other ongoing expansions.
    3. Interest Group Process: Through Interfraterinty council receiving a formal petition for recognition by an interest group.
      1. Interest group expansions are subject to other ongoing expansions.
    4. Reinstatement Process: Through reviewing a formal petition for recognition by a group coming off a disciplinary loss of University recognition, after the organization has been approved university reinstatement committee.

Expansion Expectations

Any and all social men’s organization that expand under the purview of UW-Madison IFC:

  1. Must be nationally or internationally recognized, meaning no local chapters.
  2. Do not need to be members of the NIC but must be willing to follow all UW-Madison IFC bylaws, requirements, and policies.
  3. Must refrain from using the words colony, colonizations and/or other dated and problematic language.
  4. Must follow adopted expansion policies of the UW-Madison IFC and institution.

Click here for Full IFC Expansion Policy 

For another further questions on IFC fraternity expansion, please reach out to IFC President, ifcpresident@greeklife.wisc.edu and IFC Advisor, knreynolds@wisc.edu.

Current Expansions & Timeline

Delta Sigma Phi, Fall 2020

*Continued expansion efforts due to COVID-19